Buzzin For Property Owners

Buzzin is a contactless solution that makes for more secure residential towers and communities

Buzzin allows you to shift your visitor’s registration process from an existing manual system that may capture inaccurate or incomplete data (and be open to data breaches), to something more sophisticated, yet simple and convenient. All you need is to pop the tablet we supply onto your reception desk. No wiring, no onsite servers, and no financial outlay. And no technical expertise is needed to set it up.

The Buzzin dashboard for property owners offers impressive data analytics tools that provide you with full control of accurate data that is stored securely in the cloud. Buzzin is not simply an app, it’s a GDPR compliant solution offering guaranteed data security. You will have real-time accurate and up-to-date information on visitors to your building, therefore offering greater security and peace of mind.

The Buzzin app allows for contactless entry, meaning your building or community will be Covid-19 safe for residents, visitors and staff.

By offering Buzzin in your building your reception staff/building managers can focus on other areas and offer greater service and added value to residents.

Buzzin will make you stand out from the crowd as an early adopter of new tech offering a better standard of professional and convenient service to your residents with a solution that complies with the strictest privacy policies.


No need to handwrite plate numbers which takes time and creates traffic jams at the entrance of your community. Have it all captured via our ANPL cameras, making for a much smoother visitor experience?

Make sure visitors are actually going to the right villa, townhouse, or apartment by obtaining confirmation from the host in advance.