Buzzin For Delivery

  • Swift Access

    Zero waiting time at the reception desk – buzzin and you are in

  • Contactless

    NFC on a smartphone, a QR code or ID card; reducing COVID risk

  • Convenience

    Hosts can pre-authorise visitors to ensure even swifter access

  • Control

    Smart analytics to support business decision making

Buzzin App Access Card
  • ANPR

    Smooth and speedy car access using automatic number plate recognition (ANPR)

  • Security

    Two-way validation for enhanced security at your premises

  • Easy Deployment

    No wiring or onsite servers and no access to your data center. Cloud based solution

Buzzin makes delivery a doddle for both the delivery company and the customer
Buzzin means busy delivery drivers no longer have to waste time hanging around at reception desks to sign in. They can simply tap their mobile at the tablet placed at reception desks and keep going to their destination to drop off. Residents will conveniently receive a notification message that their delivery has arrived to the reception.
They will then be ready and waiting to receive it, safe in the knowledge it is on its way.
This could mean more deliveries each day! Which should mean more happy customers!
Buzzin is an easy to use solution that benefits both the driver and the customer.
Our registered logs will support your internal analytics and add an extra level of security and data on your drivers.