How It Works?


All you need to do is to subscribe to our services. A sales representative is also available to visit your premises manager first to assess your requirement.

Since the software is cloud based, you do not need to give us access to your datacenter and there will not be any server or hardware deployment on-site except for a simple android tablet on stand, provided by buzzin.

Users in your premises can then download the app and signup. They should automatically be assigned a unit of which they are the host.


Voila.. then the fun begins…


Visitors Registration

There are 5 ways for incoming premises visitors to use buzzin solution:

All visitors, can sign out using their phone, the received QR-code, or manual exit.


Visitors Notification

Hosts shall receive a notification on their phone to notify them of an incoming visitor.
Hosts have the choice to either accept it, or to report the visitor in case they do not recognize him/her.
If a visitor is reported, a siren alarm will be triggered at the reception tablet with the visitor’s details displayed on the screen. The security personnel should take necessary action as per the internal protocol of the premises.


Admin Dashboard

Property Manager will have access to an online admin dashboard. In this dashboard the admin will be able to find the following functions: