Buzzin is positively contributing to a paperless future

“Dubai government will issue its last paper transaction in 2021, and we have instructed the digital Dubai office to ensure this goal” – His Highness on April 16, 2017, Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Al Maktoum stated at Digital Dubai’s Future Now event.

In essence, Dubai is committed to a future where paper takes little to no space. In the framework of the Dubai Paperless Strategy implemented in 2021, the Government of Dubai shifted towards a paperless way of keeping written records, thus removing more than 1 billion sheets of paper, or 1 years’ worth of official procedures and transactions. Operating across government institutions, the Government of Dubai’s integrated framework signals the crossing of yet another milestone on Dubai’s path to becoming a smart city that is modern not only by today’s standards, but the future’s as well, since the city itself is wired to improve the lifestyle of individuals of all walks of life, rightfully acting in the best interest of residents, professionals, tourists, etc. while simultaneously bringing forth time-saving, cost-efficient and environment-friendly initiatives and methods.

Buzzin is positively contributing to a paperless future in both the private and public sectors as members of a community and, to society. Buzzin’s software was created with the purpose of digitally replacing old-fashioned and inconvenient folders, notebooks, and flying papers at every given facility’s welcome desk. This trait alone has significant importance in today’s low-touch, green economy.

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